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Karma Yatrasm, The Human Relationship Management Principle, facilitates the harmonization of home, work and community life. Our network brings together individuals, companies and charities  to empower and create synergies for positive change in the world.

Karma Yatra Charity Alliances
Giving back to the community is a central component of Karma Yatra. We have built alliances with charities that share our commitment to empowerment, and we continue to grow our network of allied charities to serve the greater good.
Karma Yatra is proud to alliance with these organizations. We encourage our Community members to help support them.
 Dress a Girl Around the World 

Dress a Girl Around the World imagined a world in which every little girl owns at least one dress and we have set out to make that happen. Many of the girls we serve are dressed in clothing so ragged that the article of clothing is not recognizable. Others are naked. Many are not only tattered on the outside but are tattered and torn on the inside too.

Learn more about Dress a Girl Around the World now.



Leading India’s Future Today (LIFT)

Leading India’s Future Today (LIFT) is an international non-profit committed to creating young adults leaders by providing education, leadership formation and community support to underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu, India. The group was founded in 2004. 

Learn more about Leading India’s Future Today (LIFT) now.




Nanhi Kali

Project Nanhi Kali currently supports the education of over 58,000 underprivileged girl children from poor urban, remote rural, tribal and conflict afflicted communities across 7 states of India.

Learn more about Nanhi Kali now.




National Runaway Switchboard

The National Runaway Switchboard, established in 1971, serves as the federally-designated national communication system for homeless and runaway youth.  Recognized as the oldest hotline of its kind in the world, NRS, with the support of volunteers, handles an average of 100,000 calls annually – more than 3 million calls since the organization’s inception.

Learn more about National Runaway Switchboard now.





More about Karma Yatra

Our goal is to support charites by:
• Increasing the visibility of the causes our alliance charities are supporting
• Recommending our alliance charities to our network of businesses and individuals
• Campaigning to increase volunteering and help mobilize fundraising for our alliance charities
• Connecting charities with businesses and individuals through our online portal
We are devoted to amplifying the positive impact of our charity alliances through marketing and publicity efforts including the website, press releases, brochures, social media, events and speaking engagements, and the breadth of other activities in which Karma Yatra is engaged.


Karma Yatra “is able to tap the energies of volunteers for the good of our children.” –Narasimha Sastri, Program Officer for Child Rights, Naandi Foundation

Karma Yatra Creator, Ayush Maheshwari, Helps Feed Underpriviliged Children

 “When the 452 students of Government Primary School, Lalguda, left the school on Saturday afternoon, they were satisfied that it had been a day very happily spent. Tired after an energetic session of dancing and enjoying attention, they did not realize that a new beginning had made in their student life. It was celebration of Childs Right Week by [Karma Yatra’s] Do Karma Movement of the Do Karma Foundation, in an initiative to empower underprivileged children.” –The Indian Express

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