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Karma YatraSM believes that businesses are in an extraordinary position to empower their own employees as well as the customers and communities they serve. Karma Yatra has developed a Business Commitment Program to empower businesses that lead by example in empowering others.
The Business Commitment Program comprises Empowerment Seminars, Human Relationship Management consulting to help facilitiate home, work and community balance, and a structured platform for employees to engage in community outreach. Because we believe that supporting the greater good is absolutely critical to self-empowerment, member companies are required to allow employees to spend one hour per month of work time doing community outreach.

Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program Brochure (PDF)

Karma Yatra gives companies a toolkit to help establish their commitment to business principles that serve the greater good. Not only is this a fulfilling process for the company and its employees, it’s also a good business decision. In fact, 85 percent of adults in the U.S. surveyed by Euro RSCG consider it important for a company to stand for more than just profitability. What’s more, according to Brandweek, nearly 60% say it has become more important for them to feel good about the companies with which they do business.
“Karma Yatra Business Commitment can structure, validate and enhance a company’s commitment in creating positive connections between work, home and society, and can help empower employees in all facets of life creating an environment of human caring.” John Koerner, Dealer Principal Healey Ford Lincoln Mercury
“Karma Yatra Business Commitment provides a powerful framework for overall empowerment and connects companies to a broader network for the greater good.” –Mukesh Shah, President, MK Shah Financial Services, Inc
‘Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program is a great way for businesses to communicate to their employees and the outside world that they walk the walk in empowering people around them.” –Malcolm Thorne, President, Synergy Consulting Group Inc.
Karma Yatra Business Commitment Process
To gain certification, businesses must make a commitment to the principle of Karma Yatra, and conduct a quarterly program review with a Karma Yatra Empowerment Facilitator. Karma Yatra is based on an honor system. We provide each Karma Yatra member business with a welcome package that explains the process. Each business owns the execution of its self-designed Karma Yatra program.
Benefits of Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program Membership:
  • Karma Yatra empowers your business and your employees by providing a network and framework to help balance their work, home and community lives.
  • Karma Yatra literally translates “A Journey of Actions.” Accordingly, the Karma Yatra Human Relationship Management Principle helps employees become responsible corporate citizens through their own actions and experiences. For example, by engaging in community outreach, employees empower themselves and the company by empowering others (a core concept of good karma). Additionally, through the balancing of home, work and community life, Karma Yatra helps employees achieve big picture perspective –a proactive defense against the destructive decision-making that can take place in a vacuum.
  • Karma Yatra provides a network to connect companies with non-profits. Through our charity alliances, we are able to help structure options for your company to engage in outreach.
  • Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program provides your company with outside credentialing of its commitment to the principles of Karma Yatra including a commitment to charitable outreach. Your company is provided with the Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program seal to display on its Web site, linking back to karmayatra.com, where a profile of your company including a description of its commitment to the greater good are displayed.
  • Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program membership is a great way to let prospective employees know about your company’s commitment to work/life balance and community outreach.
Please contact us today at connect@iambigshow.com if your business is interested in learning more.

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