Karma Yatra History

A Journey of Deeds

Literally translated “a Journey of Deeds,” Karma Yatrasm was created to help companies and their employees find empowerment in a rapidly changing society.

Ayush Maheshwari, Big Indian, speaking to a crowd of schoolchildren in India

Created by Ayush Maheshwari, widely known as Big Indian, in 2002, Karma Yatrasm has been utilized by companies such as Oracle, i-Vantage, ADP, Acuma, AutoStyleMart, St. Croix Systems and others, receiving coverage from major Indian media outlets more than 200 times.

Maheshwari overcame a difficult childhood to achieve great success including being one of the youngest directors in the history of a Fortune 200 company, releasing a national music album with a major record label, and leading charitable outreach to benefit underprivileged children in India.

Mahershwari relocated to the United States to launch Karma Yatra, the Human Relationship Management Principle, to benefit individuals, organizations and communities.

Visit the Karma Yatra India site here: bigindian.in

About Karma Yatra, from the book, The Geek Gap
”The inspiration of Karma Yatra came about because of high attrition at Indian outsourcing companies, according to its inventor, Ayush Maheshwari, an employee relationship management (ERM) specialist and motivational singer who also goes by the name Big Indian. The reason for the high attrition was in part that with the off-shoring industry booming, Indian employees with IT skills were in something of a seller’s market. When the Internet boom caused a similar skilled labor shortage in the United States a few years ago, employers responded by offering lavish salaries, stock options, and performance bonuses…But Karma Yatra derives from a whole different philosophy. Maheshwari says, ‘So I said, what are companies doing today to emotionally connect with the lives of people?'” –The GEEK GAP by Bill Pfleging and Minda Zetlin.

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