Download the Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program Brochure Now!

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Learn more about how the Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program can help empower your business, its employees and the community. It’s greater good that makes good business sense!

Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program Brochure (PDF)

85% of adults in the U.S. consider it important to do business with a company that stands for more than just profits*, and employees who feel that they have good work/life balance tend to work 21% harder than those who don’t. The bad news is that in 2009, only 30% of employees felt that they had good work/life balance, down from over 50% in 2006.**

Now more than ever, it’s essential for businesses to find new ways to empower, engage, motivate and inspire employees.

By combining innovative Empowerment Programs with Human Relationship Management Consulting and a structured platform for Community outreach, the Karma Yatra Business Commitment Program is your company’s key to empowering, motivating and inspiring its employees while contributing to the greater good.

Partner with us today to start making a real difference in your organization and beyond!

*RSCG Euronext

**Research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board of 50k workers

Karma Yatra Goes Big in India!

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These pics are from Karma Yatra Employee Relationship Management (ERM) events in India. We are excited to soon launch Karma Yatra in the U.S.!

Harmonize Your Work, Home and Community Life

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The Karma YatraSM Human Relationship Management Principle places great emphasis on the importance of the individual.

At the very center of the Karma Triangle, the empowered individual is the primary force that can establish the harmonization of work, home and community. Through intent, action and vital connections with the world around us, we can all make a positive impact and create a legacy of moving forward together.

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